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from the not-everything-sucks dept

In case you were wondering, not everything in the technology sector is looking terrible right now. Or, at least, that’s the general pitch out of this article. They point out, for instance that, consumers are still buying DVD players, and… um… well, that’s about it. Oh yeah, they say that some companies are spending on security products (but we just had a story saying that isn’t really true. So, it’s back to DVD players. Hurrah for DVD players. Of course, after seeing all the buzz and long customer lines about yesterday’s launch of the Danger Hiptop (as the T-Mobile Sidekick), it shows that it is still possible to get consumers excited about technology (and, yes, I got my Sidekick, and am not very successfully resisting the urge to not get any real work done, and just play with the Sidekick).

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