Politicians And Email

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For all the excitement about how email makes it easier for people to communicate with their elected representatives, only 14% of politicians believe that constituent email is “significant”. However, other numbers indicate that they’re slowly learning that emailed communications do have some importance. Email lobbying has swayed their opinions on some issues, and it has also let them better understand some other issues. Knowing those two things, I wonder why so few consider it “significant”?

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Comments on “Politicians And Email”

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Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

If you care enough to write a letter, put in in an envelope, and mail it, you probably care enough to vote. Same thing for making a long distance call to Washington. Most of the email they get is generated by a web form by people who can’t vote for or against the representative even if they want to. If you write a personal email and include a postal address that proves you really are a constituent it gets read and taken seriously.

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