Business 2.0 Trashes Yahoo!'s Terry Semel

from the the-up-and-down-career-of-terry-semel dept

An Anonymous Coward writes “Thought you might be interested in a story which just posted on the Business 2.0 Web site, which questions Terry Semel?s leadership of Yahoo!, ripping into how Semel?s background as a Hollywood mogul isn?t translating effectively into the dot-com arena.” I’ve pointed out before how funny it is to see the up and down reviews of Semel (just a month ago there was an article saying he had turned Yahoo! around). Reading the article, though, it doesn’t sound as though he’s necessarily made bad decisions. The biggest complaint is just that people at Yahoo! don’t like him. I have no idea if he’s doing a good job or not, but these articles seeme to pick on one factor and focus in on it, as if it’s the only thing.

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