RIAA Ropes Music Stars Into Marketing Campaign Against Piracy

from the why-not-focus-on-actually-making-good-music? dept

Not really a surprise, but as the music industry continues to spend all of their time and resources trying to fight music sharing instead of focusing on things like (say) new business models and producing good music, they’ve now roped some music stars into helping them make their point. Soon we’re going to see commercials starring Britney Spears, Madonna, and others trying to tell us that sharing music is stealing. Of course, I imagine most people who use music sharing programs couldn’t care less what Britney thinks of them (and I doubt Britney even realizes what music sharing really is). Anyone want to fund commercials with Janis Ian explaining why music sharing is good for musicians?

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Comments on “RIAA Ropes Music Stars Into Marketing Campaign Against Piracy”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

Just when I though Britney might come to the dark

I wonder if the slump in the RIAA’s record sales, other than a slow economy and competition with DVDs (which probably takes far more out,) is the rise in people buying music from the independents.

I am a big music lover, with more than 800 CDs…yet I’ve never been to Morpheus, Napster, Grokster, etc., but I have a MP3 Jukebox (probably a violation of RIAA’s copyrights,) at home to cycle through my assortment of CDs (Sony doesn’t sell an 800 disk changer, and I doubt I’d want one if they did, with no moving parts to break (except a disk head,) my jukebox works fine.)

However, I think back now to the last year’s worth of music purchases, and unlike previous years, I am buying a ton of CDs from independents, partly because most independents get it (and provide low-quality mp3s of their music for download on the web, and package the same in “sample CDs” sent to customers,) and partly because there isn’t anything the majors are currently pushing worth spending my money (at +$18.00 a pop, while most independents sell for $5.00-$13.00.) I have bought all of 5 CDs from the majors, maybe a few more, compared with 30-40 from independents…

Seems to me this is all just a shell game, a marketing scheme to make the music industry stay in the back of people’s minds so that they buy more CDs, instead of really getting a message out, however greedy and self-serving the message is.

Just upset that Phil Collins and Sting joined the band wagon…I liked it better when it was just Britney (admire my teenage breasts) Spears and Menenenenenenen (oh, Eminem…sorry, don’t listen to him either.)

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