Nigerian Email Scam Leads To Embezzlement From Law Firm

from the amazing dept

I still cannot understand how anyone in their right mind could possibly fall for the Nigerian 419 scam these days. Assuming (and this is nearly impossible) that you haven’t heard about it from somewhere else already, and assuming the fact that you’re probably receiving five or more of them a week, shouldn’t some sort of alarm bells go off in your head when a total stranger says he (or she) is going to give you lots of money. It appears that insane levels of greed lead to insanely stupid acts. The latest is a bookkeeper at a small law firm who embezzled $2.1 million from the firm to pay off the Nigerian crooks, while awaiting her “free” cash. Beyond the stupidity of this woman, however, there is the issue of how she ended up stealing so much money from the law firm. It appears that the bank they used repeatedly approved transaction for her that she was not authorized to make. At the same time, however, it does make you wonder what sort of checks and balances the law firm had in place that no one happened to notice $2.1 million walking out the door.

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