New Kazaa Won't Make Labels Happy

from the fight-back dept

No surprise here, but the latest version of Kazaa includes some features that probably won’t make the music labels very happy. Chief among those is the “search by playlist” feature, which lets people find an entire playlist and download it as a single item. Often, it seems, that feature is used to find an entire album. There were two other interesting things in the article that are worth noting. First, Kazaa is fighting back against the practice of music labels uploading fake songs, by adding a metadata component that lets people easily indicate which files are fake – so that others avoid them. Also, they announced that they’re partnering with major European ISP Tiscali (more details in the NY Times), who will promote Kazaa as a reason for people to sign up with their broadband offerings. It’s good to see Tiscali do this, because that’s exactly what I’ve been saying AOL should have done from the beginning. If they had embraced Napster and use it as a way to encourage people to sign up for their broadband offering, maybe they wouldn’t be struggling these days to figure out how to get people to upgrade.

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