Insiders Buying Tech

from the what-do-they-know dept

It’s pretty clear that people inside a company tend to know more about what’s happening at that company than anyone outside. So, for many, it should have been a warning sign at the height of the boom years that insiders were selling lots of stock. There certainly are legitimate reasons to sell stock, but the amounts and rates at which execs sold should have been a warning to many. These days, however, there’s evidence that many insiders are buying up as much stock as they can in technology companies. And, unlike when they sell, generally the only reason to buy is because you think the stock is cheap. The article is basing its numbers on some statistical analysis that takes a lot of other factors into account. As always, there absolutely could be other factors involved in the sudden buying binge, but it’s certainly worth noting that at least some tech insiders feel their stocks are undervalued.

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