Air Powered Cars

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Forget those hybrid vehicles. Get ready for air powered cars that take in polluted air and emit cleaner air. The article discusses a company that has built some working prototypes that they say could be ideal for urban transporation vehicles like taxis and delivery vans. The cars don’t go very fast (about 55 mph tops) or very far (about 120 miles on full air tanks), but could help to reduce pollution just by lowering the numbers of polluting vehicles on the street. It also sounds as though it’s still fairly early in the development process, so I would guess the technology is only going to get better over time.

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Comments on “Air Powered Cars”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Its all about energy storage.

Compressed air is one way to “store” energy. You can “store” electricty as mechanical movement (flywheel), Chemical (battery), Compressed air (move generator – see magnetic flux), water (pump from low to high then let flow downhill again – magnetic flux), Fuel cell, or magentic flux with superconductor

Using compressed air is a well known solution.

pow says:

Re: Its all about energy storage.

Good for you,
My plan is to have decentralized local power plant stations that are a combination of solar,gas,hydro,wind,compressed air,chemical reactors and LWR,liquid nitrogen,hydrogen and elctrical. My view is this will allow us genius’s to continue to reinvent the wheel.From the distribution center to the local filling or fueling stations where like an indy pitstop you can change tanks instead of waiting in lines.

u2604ab says:

Clean cars

Exhibit A: Pity the suicidal man/woman who today tries to kill himself/herself with the good old (relativlely painless) trick of running a car in a closed garage; Most cars built within the last 10 years emit so little carbon monoxide that it could take days for the carbon monoxide level in a closed garage to reach fatal levels.

Exhibit B: Around 1995, Road & Track reviewed a new Saab with an emission system that made emissions so clean that the editors suggested that the tailpipe air from this car may be cleaner than the air in certain major cities with pollution problems like Mexico City.

Exhibit C: Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are classified as light trucks. Light trucks now account for more than 50% of the domestic American auto market. Light trucks and SUVs are not required to meet the same emissions and safety standards that cars must meet.

Save the environment. Buy a car.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: How does the Air Get Compressed?

>since the electricity is generated at a plant which is probably burning coal.

Not necessarily, maybe on the east coast, where coal is abundant. Last time I checked most of the west used Natural Gas, Diesel, Gasoline, Nuclear, or renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro-electric.) I believe the same is true for the midwest.

However, most of the powerplants in the west are natural gas or gasoline/oil, which still puts out a ton of bad stuff into the air.

Ty says:

Re: How does the Air Get Compressed?

Well I would think that it does take some type of energy to compress the air BUT, and this is crucial, couldn’t while the tires are spinning, couldn’t this rotation be used to ‘charge’ a battery, that in turn renews the air pressure in the tanks, so that technically the car fuels itself and there would be no reason to ever stop at a refiller station to fill up the car using air compressed by plants that burn natural fuels.

Jeff says:

Re: Re: How does the Air Get Compressed?

As a dynamo maybe. Dynamoes are a very good source to get electricity but also are not reliable. And turning a crank or anything else will draw more energy than its worth. Using iron and magnets to create electricity will require close conditions in an unvibrating position. Hondas have a good idea of braking to recharge electricity. But it may also help, overall, the length of a charge.


Michael Kroger says:

Re: How does the Air Get Compressed?

The air will be compressed by using a turbine…The Electrical engergy needed to power that turbine will be a praticular Fuel Cell powered by methane or other natural gasses…Their will be no harmful gasses explled into the air…and the electrical energy that is gained from the operation will furthermore power a turbine which creates pressure…Allowing the pressure “tank” to suplly air power to the driveshaft.

Don Mayne says:

Re: How does the Air Get Compressed?

Of course we use electricity much of which is produced by coal fired plants. But remember that these power plants are running whether we charge the air tank or not. Only if we went entirely and solely to air powered vechicles would possibly you see an increase in power plant emissions. Not to mention the drop in fuel producing plant emissions that would be caused by the reduced demand for gasoline.

You will not see an air-powered vehicle mass produced in the US in our lifetime. The politicians won’t allow it. Why, think of all the lost tax money. The country would loose hundreds of millions of tax dollars because no one is buying gasoline anymore.

earl chubbey (user link) says:

the air powered car

where is it? I’ve been reading about it for years, “mexico has ordered taxis for delivery in 2001” (it’s 2003, mexico is still waiting for its taxis) “air powered car to be unveiled at 2002 paris motor show”. (ALL of the 2002 paris auto show websites contain NO information regarding the air powered car) let me ask you something. such a vehicle would certainly have undergone countless batteries of tests for a variety of reasons, speed, performance, reliability, range, operating costs, etc, etc, etc. where are the results from these tests? you tell me, i can’t seem to locate any such information. let me ask you something else, the air powered car in theory frees society in general from the tyranny of the internal combustion engine, perhaps the most significant invention of this century so far, so in that light, wouldn’t you think that every journalist on the planet would be or would have written scads of articles about the air powered car? don’t you think that the globe would be buzzing with talk about this remarkable invention? of course that’s what you’d logically think, but apparently logic has deserted the situation, and the greatest invention since moveable type has attracted little or no attention from the world media. how very strange, don’t you think?

EDWIN says:

to how ever owns this projected.

i dont have a coment.i just wanted to no if your engine workes cuz i designed my own that runs off of air and the way i see it, its really powerful. the only problem i don’t have the funds to put it out there to be sold on the market.but beleave me if i find a partner believe me we will change the world for write back if intrested!!!!!!!

Richard McQuarry says:

Hybride cars

Who ever comes up with the right air engine to covert all gas powered cars and trucks will win and change the world. Its possable to add an air moter to all cars and trucks to turn all gas powered cars into hybride its true if you just use your gas engine to pump air into a tank and then just run your air moter the gas save is more then worth it it could save millions of barrells of oil and could provide relief to the econemy because everyone would be converting their exsisting car or truck imagine all the hybride conversion shops poping up all over the country.And yes I have figured out how to do it but I lack the funds to move any futher but sooner or later some rich man or woman will come forward and see the possablitys I have to offer anyways if you know any wealthy investers give me a call my name is Rick and my phone # cell is 763-226-7638 artistic engineer

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