TiVo Is Not Bad For Broadcasters

from the look-at-the-evidence dept

Well, that’s what this study says, anyway. They claim that TiVo users watch about the same number of commercials as non-TiVo users (though, that really makes me wonder). The real “surprise” to advertisers in this study, though, might be the fact that most people don’t watch commercials at all (which, of course, according to the head of Turner means that we’re all stealing TV). The study also points out that 71% of PVR owners say they do still watch amusing commercials – which leads back to my theory that advertisers need to realize that their advertisements need to be entertainment in their own right – and not just an annoying interruption. Another “good” thing about PVR watchers that should make broadcasters happy is the fact that they watch more TV than before and watch more channels.

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Comments on “TiVo Is Not Bad For Broadcasters”

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Saygin? says:

Re: Watching more channels

Broadcasters are not happy when TV watchers watch more channels. Were you asleep at the wheel this morning? Don’t forget, broadcasters are trying to make their line-ups “sticky.” That’s why they spend so much time worrying about time-slots. They want watchers to watch THEIR channel all the time. Those ratings translate directly into how much the broadcasters can charge the advertisers. If television watchers are watching more channels that’s effectively an argument AGAINST the technology.

(Now you and I are happy to watch more channels, but we’re not the ones spending millions on really crappy fall programming, now are we?)

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

We do need more entertaining commercials. I have spent money to watch commercials on the big screen at least twice (world’s funniest commercials movies).
That’s how important entertainment in advertisement is.
It boggles my mind how difficult it is to find downloadable commercials on the internet. I’d watch all commercials if I could do so without having to see repeats of commercials and if I had the promise of seeing a gem.

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