How Greedy Was My Valley?

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Salon is running an odd sort of compare and contrast review of two very different books. About the only thing they have in common is that they talk about about Silicon Valley. The first, Mark Coggins’ Vulture Capital is a noir mystery novel about Silicon Valley, that apparently captures the spirit of the Valley quite well. Let’s hope it’s better than High Tech Murder, which I have to admit may have been (and I’m really not exaggerating) the worst book I have ever read – and which also attempts (and fails miserably) to show the culture of Silicon Valley via a (terribly written and plotted, not to mention predictable) mystery novel. The other book contrasted in the review is J.A. English-Lueck’s Cultures@SiliconValley, which is simply a non-fictional attempt to tell the stories of everyday people living in Silicon Valley. It’s not clear what the point is of comparing a murder myster novel and a non-fictional account of “ordinary” people, but it’s really not surprising that the novel comes across as more alive and vibrant. That’s what novels are supposed to do.

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