Will New Audio Formats Get Rid Of The CD?

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I recently read a review of an SACD (Super Audio CD) where the reviewer said it made the music on the CD sound more like live music. The music industry certainly hopes that others feel the same way about either SACDs or DVD-Audio discs. In both cases, they’re touting these as successors to the audio CD, whose quality, they say, has “run its course”. Of course, they don’t put as much emphasis on the fact that both the SACD and the DVD-A come complete with copy protection. Instead, they focus on why the CD just sounds flat compared to these new formats. While some audiophiles might go for these new formats, I would think that (for at least the time being) most people find regular CDs “good enough” for their purposes, and don’t necessarily want to upgrade to an expensive new system. Then, of course, there are some who say they’ve already moved away from CDs and are enjoying their MP3 collection instead… I doubt those folks will be all that interested in having to buy an expensive new audio player along with expensive new music to replace all their old “obsolete” music.

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Comments on “Will New Audio Formats Get Rid Of The CD?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Vinyl

So much for “perfect sound forever”… I, too, find the distortion in vinyl recordings more pleasant than the distortion in CD’s.
However, the more relevant point to make here is that the audiophiles never adopted CDs in the first place. Those who still resist CDs are unlikely to adopt a variation on the CD format for all the same reasons they avoid CDs in the first place. Adding restrictions on use won’t gain the new format any converts, just as content-free ranting about vinyl won’t gain that format any converts. Some folks are remarkably resistant to examining those sorts of issues.

msykes says:

Re: Re: Vinyl

Well, you are both wrong. First of all, we can’t bring vinyl back because it never left! Sure, you can’t get the Backstreet Boys on vinyl, but well do you want to? And there are plenty of audiophiles who use CDs, just as there are plenty that don’t.

One of the main problems is that there are 2 formats… not one but 2. I’m not buying anything until either DVD-A or SACD is totally eradicated, and I’m not really particular about which one (though SACD is certainly winning right now). Further, from what I read (emphasis on read, no personal experience) SACD players are good on SACD’s, but for them to perform comparibly to quality CD players they need to be in the 1000$+ range. Of course this will improve over time, at least I hope. Finally, I really don’t think that most people own good enough amplification or speakers that they will be able to hear any difference from what is coming out of the CD/SACD player, whichever it may be, which makes it appeal only to the “audiophiles”, whom as we’ve established probably at least 1/2 of them are more interested in vinyl anyways.

Okay, I’m shutting up now.


Mark Fox says:

Somewhat incorrect information in the article

The article states: DVD-A discs cost about $24, but they all play in the DVD players many consumers already use to watch movies.

In actual fact the higher bit rate tracks on DVD-Audio discs cannot be played in regular DVD players. Some do also contain a the tracks in Dolby Digital they are playable on DVD-Video players. But these given you surround sound, not the super-quality sound.

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