AudioGalaxy Repackaging Is Groundbreaking?

from the say-what?? dept

A reporter for the San Jose Mercury News seems to be claiming that the “new” AudioGalaxy is “groundbreaking” when all they’ve really done is rebranded’s service, which has been available for a while. I really don’t see what’s so groundbreaking about it. All of these pay services seem to confuse the fact that simply offering downloadable or streaming music from a central source isn’t the same thing as file sharing. File sharing lets people experiment and find out what others like. An official music downloading service is more likely to push the crap that the music industry is hyping at the moment. Also, by adding rules and restrictions to the services, they’re not offering a valid substitute for users. The article even points out that a gaming company hired someone to put up copies of their games on a file sharing network when they discovered that a number of people who played the game that way ended up buying the full version. People are willing to pay if you give them what they want. Putting up silly restrictions, or rebranding other services that are already available aren’t “groundbreaking” and aren’t what consumers want.

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