A Psychological Perspective On eBay

from the eBay-is-like-a-box-of-chocolates... dept

Stephen writes “Success on eBay is like playing a game of cards. There’s strategy, psychology, and luck. Brice takes us on a journey through the Pyschological side of eBay and shares some of his secrets for success! Here’s a clip:

“Amongst all the recent doom, gloom, and restructuring of many Internet based dot com’s companies, eBay is one of the few Internet based companies that have actually made some serious money in this downturn. For all of you that are not aware, eBay has beat it’s 2001 first quarter earnings forecasts and expects its second and third quarter earnings to also be above expected projections. To give you an idea, First quarter revenues rang in at $154.1 million, of which $21.1million was profit (that is 8 cents per share profit). This compares to $85.9 million in revenue at the same time last year, of which only $1.8million was profit (1 cent per share).””

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