Music Industry Says Morpheus/Kazaa Should Be Forced To Build Copy Protection

from the smoking-nothing dept

The latest move from the recording industry is to show their “smoking gun” report to the judge, saying that it’s clear evidence that the folks at Morpheus and Kazaa knew they were building systems for copyright infringement. The “evidence” consists of a quote from someone at Morpheus saying they would capture much of Napster’s lost traffic (and how is that illegal?), a screenshot of Morpehus being demonstrated with copyrighted material, and some emails between Morpheus and Kazaa talking about implementing some code to track what copyrighted material was being downloaded. According to the music industry, these prove that Morpheus and Kazaa were up to no good. I don’t think they prove anything, but knowing judges these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if Morpheus loses this round. Watching the music industry play whack-a-mole with what should be the greatest distribution technology they ever had is getting somewhat sad.

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