Forget Wardriving, Get A Wifi Car Instead

from the poking-holes dept

I’ve used the wifi wireless internet access in Starbucks a few times. The first time I went there, though, I discovered that there were multiple access points that I could connect to beyond the one that Starbucks offers (for a fee). Some guy in Boston believes very strongly that wifi access should be free, and has built a “war car” complete with internet access and wifi access points. He drives it around Boston and parks it in front of places like Starbucks, so people can log onto the internet, via his car, for free. He says he’s trying to show a huge hole in the T-Mobile business model. Of course, I’m sure for some corporate users, they’ll prefer to just pay some amount to T-Mobile to know they have guaranteed connections at a certain service level. However, for everyday users, it’s certainly nice to have access to free wifi. The more important thing, though, is learning how to build your own war car.

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