More Questions About Mobile Phones In The Air

from the is-it-really-dangerous? dept

Following the news that a guy has been sent to jail for playing games on his mobile phone while on an airplane, comes this story where some people question why mobile phones are still banned on planes. There still isn’t any evidence that mobile phones on planes are harmful in any way. There also doesn’t seem to be any plans to test if they really do interfere with signals. Basically, the FAA seems to think it’s just too much trouble to actually figure out if there’s interference, and are happy just to be extra cautious by banning the phones.

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Comments on “More Questions About Mobile Phones In The Air”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Isn't it ironic?

I find it strange that the airlines ban the use of mobile phones, but then provide phones you can use that are outrageously expensive.

I wonder if hotels are going to catch on and claim that the use of cell phones interferes with their reservation computer systems, and you’ll only be allowed to use the overpriced phones in your room…

2Lazy2Register says:

Right rule, wrong reason

Personally, it’s bad enough to have to sit elbow-to-elbow with the big, smelly stranger for the hours you have to ride in the germ tube. It would be even worse if I had to listen to a coast-to-coast phone call the whole way. I like the rule, no matter what the reason for it. Same thing with banner towing planes over sporting events: it’s ridiculous to ban them for terrorist reasons, but I for one am glad they’re gone. At best they’re annoying, at worst they’re dangerous (but for reasons involving the potential for pilot error or mechanical failure, not terrorism.)

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