Court Allows Greek Gamers To Play On

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Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Not long after Greece put their no video games law in place, it seems that two internet cafe owners were arrested for breaking the law. However, just as quickly, a Greek court has thrown out the case, saying the law is unconstitutional. It sounds like the law shouldn’t have a very long shelf life, at this rate.

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Comments on “Court Allows Greek Gamers To Play On”

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1 Comment
2Lazy2Register says:


I like this quote from

“Nobody from the members of the parliament realized or could foresee the effects that this would have for PC games, Internet games and game consoles, simply because they are not familiar with that side of technology”

Nice that their lack of familiarity with what they were doing didn’t slow them down any. In addition to lawmakers, we value that trait in brain surgeons, airline pilots, and explosives experts.

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