The Death Of Dreams

from the technology-is-a-tool dept

With all the September 11th stories this week, I’ve been debating which stories should be posted. This is, after all, a site that focuses on technology news. However, September 11th clearly touches on a number of different areas, and there are a bunch of technology stories coming out as well. I will be posting a few, if they seem fitting. The first is Michael Malone’s latest column where he says September 11th destroyed our dreams of technology leading the world to happy harmony. He faults himself (among others) for believing that technology would change everything for the better. Personally, I go back to the same claim I’ve been making for a while: the technology is a tool. Clearly technology can be used for both good and bad purposes. Assuming that people will naturally use it for good is a dangerous assumption. At the same time, assuming that people will naturally use technology for bad is a dangerous assumption. It’s just a tool. Teaching people right from wrong and good from bad is entirely separate from the technology.

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