From Dot Com Finance Guy To Cabbie… With Stories To Tell

from the where-did-all-that-money-go dept

SFGate has a bizarre “slice of life” story about a guy who used to be financial controller for some Silicon Valley dot coms, but is now driving a cab. He says he’s still looking for another financial job, but then goes on to accuse the companies he used to work at of doing all sorts of illegal things. He says that he believes somewhere around 75% of former dot com execs simply had too much money from VCs and had him (or people like him) syphon some of it off into hidden offshore bank accounts for them to live off of. Of course, he doesn’t explain why, if this was going on so much, why he didn’t get any of that money himself. He also seems to think this article will help him get another financial job – but you have to wonder why someone would hire him after he publicly admits to helping execs steal money.

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