Wi-Fi Price Gouging

Are T-Mobile and Starbucks gouging consumers with their Wi-Fi Hotspot service. Tech reseller and community Wi-Fi network operator Tech Superpowers thinks so. To show just how cheap and easy it is to set up a Wi-Fi network, Tech Superpowers setup a free mobile access point installed in a Saturn coupe parked on Boston’s Newbury Street. While I applaud Tech Superpowers efforts to evangelize Wi-Fi community efforts, I don’t agree with their criticism of T-Mobile and Starbucks. As I’ve said before for-pay and community Wi-Fi networks are complimentary and serve different markets. Price is set by what the market will bear. Road warriors who need the predictable ubiquity that Starbucks can offer should pay for that privilege. If the service is overpriced it will become apparent quickly enough and the price will change.

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