Citibank Emails Information To People Without Checking Validity Of Email Address

from the not-so-bright dept

You would think that, these days, companies would be extra careful when it came to privacy issues – especially in the financial world. Citibank, however, didn’t seem to think through their latest marketing effort. They hired a company to “find” the email addresses of their customers, and then hired another company to spam those people without verifying that the people actually were Citibank customers. In other words, if the original email scraping company thought that Joe Smith (A) was really Joe Smith (B) – a Citibank customer, Joe Smith (A) suddenly received an email from Citibank saying he could receive financial info about Joe Smith (B) via email. Probably not the smartest move by Citibank, though, they don’t seem all that apologetic about it. All they say is that the “wording” may have been misleading.

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