The Even-More-Compact Disc

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Joe Schmoe writes The record industry wants you to buy your music on a new kind of disc (NY Times story). Unlike a CD, the format will greatly restrict your ability to make digital copies. It will cost more than a prerecorded CD. And it will require you to invest a few hundred dollars in a new player. This disc was developed more than a year ago, and boasted the advantages of smaller size while still being competitively priced to CDR/W discs while incorporating copy management schemes to appease the likes of the recording [ahem] industry. Now, in the end, we are being told the truth. The “industry” goes beyond hope, and expects we will all, once again, go out and replace our music collections with what amounts to be (because of the copy protection/management) [physical] media. Again, at a higher price (quoted in the story of an average of $18-$22) than the last generation. I’m just not excited about this at all… “

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Comments on “The Even-More-Compact Disc”

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D Henkel-Wallace says:

Re: Even if this is a hit...

Yup. RIAA hasn’t figured that out yet.

Actually, they call it “the analog hole”. That’s why the MPAA wants digital receivers to have no analogue output. The idea is that your receiver would authenticate itself to your flatscreen display and USB speakers, and send encrypted data all the way to the edge.

Pathetic! Their term for this brings to mind another kind of “‘A’ hole”!

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