PR Campaign For Not Expensing Options

from the hide-it-at-the-end dept

It’s no surprise that many technology companies don’t like the idea that they may be forced to expense stock options. However, in the current climate of “corporate execs are all evil!”, it’s tough for them to make their point without getting shouted down. However, in the past couple of weeks, they’ve started their PR campaign (mostly led by Intel). The latest, however, is an opinion piece by PalmSource’s CEO, David Nagel. The interesting thing is that he spends almost the entire column talking about how recent changes to the law (like forcing senior execs to vouch for financial statements) are good ideas to curb corporate fraud. It’s just at the very end of the column that he gets to his real point. It seems that he’s so worried about the backlash that he has to spend most of the article showing that he really does support changes in corporate accountability… and that at the very end, try to sneak in the bit about why expensing options would do more harm than good.

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