You're Only As Good As Your Password

from the corporate-espionage dept

Business Week has an interesting article about how a business collaboration company, Niku, discovered its biggest competitor was logging into their servers and downloading information for months. The only way they discovered this was that the CIO gave a demo of the product to his brother-in-law, who was a mid-level person at Nike. It wasn’t really for a sale, but just to show the brother-in-law what the product did. However, the CIO had put info into Niku’s servers that he would be giving a demo and left his brother-in-law’s contact info. That same day, someone from the competiting company called the brother-in-law to pitch him on their software. That’s when folks at Niku started investigating and realized that their competitor had been logging in with at least 15 different usernames/passwords of Niku employees.

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