The Elder Fanning Moves On To Downloadable Movies

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While all the Napster related attention was focused on young Shawn Fanning, the real power behind the scenes was apparently his uncle John. Now John Fanning has moved on to start a new company that looks to offer downloadable movies via a peer-to-peer system, but this time he’s trying to actually work with the entertainment industry – which may be difficult given his past. He does have the backing of Blockbuster, which has opened some doors, but he’s still worried about efforts by the major movie studios to start their own digital movie sites (which he compares to the record labels’ weak attempts at creating their own music download services). He also makes a very good point about how the US lost its lead in the emerging file-sharing market due to the stupidity of the recording industry.

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Comments on “The Elder Fanning Moves On To Downloadable Movies”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

He's full of sh*t

First of all, I have to side with the janitor he beat up. Pine needles are a bitch to clean up, and this pompous jerk doesn’t understand why the janitor is pissed at him?? And frankly, what have we allegedly lost by giving up our “lead” in file sharing? The only way Kazaa makes any money at it is through the onerous practice of selling out to the spyware cretins. The technology behind it ain’t exactly rocket science, either. Sorry, but I don’t see folk here here – I see pompous, self-centered, arrogant jack ass.

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