Should Children Use Computers

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The Detroit Free Press has an article looking at some of the debate over whether or not young children should learn to use computers. While many families with kids today start them young, some researchers are saying that kids shouldn’t play with computers until after they’re seven years old, and that it might do more harm than good. I would actually be surprised if this were true. I would imagine that kids (when supervised by parents) wouldn’t have any adverse reaction to using a computer at a younger age, and could actually learn quite a bit from it – but I certainly have no qualifications to think that, so I’m likely to be absolutely wrong.

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Comments on “Should Children Use Computers”

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FearOfBeingNamed says:

re: should kids use computers

I’ve done some reading on the subject (including Jane Healy’s book, mentioned in the article), and there is some evidence that using computers at a young age can be bad, mostly because the most formative years are the earliest ones. it seems some of the habits that computers ingrain — like instant response, clicking-until-you’re-right (instead of thinking out the answer) — might not be great for brain development in the long term.

D.S. says:

Re: should kids use computers

we neeed to separate different computer activities. If it’s just for games – I agree it’s not good. Like TV – watching cartoons whole day will not make your kid smarter…but watching Disc channel – will teach them stuff. Same with computers…. playing with educational games, learn programming – good for kids. And of course, there is a ballance… not more than 3-4 hours a week…

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