Switcher's Remorse

from the wanna-go-back? dept

Posting this, of course, may unfortunately start another OS war around here, but it’s still a good read. It’s an amusing short article at Salon from someone who was suckered in by Apple’s “Switch” ads and who now wants to switch back. She points out the problems she has with the Mac – some of which seem to be psychological. Mostly, though, she realizes that Macs have tons of problems too (sample tech support conversation: “Are you sure it says ‘error -7531’?” “Yes, I’m sure.” “Macs don’t do that.” “Mine’s doing it.”). Again, I think this reiterates that there simply isn’t a perfect computing solution out there for everyone. Some machines/OS’s work for some people, others work for other people. If you have something that works, then you should probably stick with it.

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Comments on “Switcher's Remorse”

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Matthew H. Wier says:

Switch Sucks

I’m a Mac evangelist. I’ve been using Macs since 1987, and finally bought a PC a couple of years ago to play games. I still like MacOS better than Windoze, but this whole “Switch” campaign has got to go. Didn’t Steve Jobs, when announcing Microsoft’s investment in Apple say, “The OS wars are over”? It’s a really badly thought out campaign, along the lines of the Hyundai (I think) campaign about the “punk rock cars”. Apple needs to exploit it’s core market – existing Mac users. Glib “man-in-the-street” comments won’t do a bloody thing to increase Apple’s market share. I really hate those ads. Except for Ellen Feiss. Stoned junior high chicks get me hot…


msykes says:

Re: No Subject Given

Okay, I agree the OS wars are over, I agree that Macs aren’t right for everyone, etc etc.

However, I have to disagree that Apple only needs to appeal to Mac users. They need to get people to switch, and build up a little better marketshare. Sure, it’ll never be 50%, but 10% would be a lot better than 5%.

Now whether the switch ads are actually a good way of going about this, well that’s another story.


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