Is Spoofing Working?

from the maybe-not dept

Yet another article looking at the state of things in the world of the music industry. The article mainly focuses on the industry’s efforts to put up spoof files. The nice thing about the article is that it actually paints more of a balanced picture than many such articles. They point out that spoofing (putting up fake files) may be backfiring, by convincing certain customers not to go out and buy an album. There’s also a quote that pretty much sums up what many of us have been trying to get across to the music industry for many years now. They quote Eric Garland, the head of a company which measures online file sharing, saying, “When you’ve got a consumer movement of this magnitude, when tens of millions of people say, ‘I think CD copying is cool and I’m within my rights to do it,’ it gets to the point where you have to say uncle and build a business model around it rather than fight it.”

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