Don't Give Up On 3G

Last week Datamonitor analyst Nick Greenway wrote that carriers should just dump their 3G plans altogether. He believes that an ROI of 3 to 8 years for 3G related companies is ridiculously long and that “one-and-a-half to two years is what any decent VC would want.” Not surprisingly, the UK carriers that Greenway was addressing don’t agree with him. And neither does editor Peter Cochrane. He points out that 3G is risky and that carries and governments have made mistakes. But if you believe in wireless data, then at the moment there is no feasible alterntative to 3G. My take is that Greenway is being pretty shortsighted if he thinks 1-2 year ROIs are the way to measure 3G. If we held the industry to that standard we wouldn’t have any wireless networks today.

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