Fiber To The Home Folks Go On A PR Blitz

from the mmm,-bandwidth dept

Within a matter of minutes I found myself reading two different articles about getting fiber optic connections into the home. The first is really a press release from the Fiber-To-The-Home Council announcing that installations have increased 200% in the last year. Of course, when you start from a small base, that’s not such a big deal. They also point out the wonders of FTTH that have helped the various communities they’re hyping up. Meanwhile, dsg sent in this other article from someone arguing that we all need to contact our government representatives and bug them into supporting FTTH initiatives or the US will fall behind technologically. Personally, I don’t know all that much about this issue, but I do get worried about huge infrastructure plays with insane upfront costs. They tend to lead to a lot of bankrupt companies with lots of problems.

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