Books With EULAs

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People have been complainin about shrinkwrap and clickwrap licenses on software for years, but now those same restrictions might be showing up on books as well. The article has the story of a book that was sent to doctors wrapped in shrinkwrap, including a license agreement that says that the company that created the book continues to own it, and you need to send it back if you don’t agree with the license terms. When do people realize that these things are getting out of hand?

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Comments on “Books With EULAs”

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Randall Gooding says:

Solution ...

Should book publishers begin using this absurd method as software has done I will purposefully buy the book , read it and then return it for a full refund … stating that I do not agree with the licensing terms. If enough consumers make it quite difficult for the merchandisers, it won’t take long for them to fight back on our behalf. Knowledge is Power … not licensed !

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