Bullying By SMS Text Messaging

from the stupid-bullies dept

English schools have alerted teachers to be on the lookout for kids who bully other students by SMS text messages. Apparently, more bullies are doing their bullying remotely, by sending threatening text messages to other students. Of course, this seems like a particularly stupid way to bully someone, since the evidence is stored and can easily be linked to the bully in question.

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Comments on “Bullying By SMS Text Messaging”

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jess says:

i have been bullied my self.. they are easy to trace, the number will always comr up and you can ring the service provider and get the number traced and or blocked. And if it gets so bad, you can even talk to the police.. but when it is a call, sometimes it can be a private number hen i gets hard, lucklyly i havent had to face that problen yet.. im only 16..

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