A Generation Of Lost Entrepreneurs?

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The Washington Post has an article talking about how many of the local entrepreneur “stars” have disappeared and gone underground following the collapse of the technology sector. Some are worried that new entrepreneurs won’t have any role models now, as all of “last generation’s” entrepreneurs are too embarrassed to talk about their experience. I’d say this is unlikely to be a problem. If some of the old entrepreneurs want to hide their heads, then let them. It’s probably better that way. If they really have something to be ashamed of, then I have no problem with them disappearing. They certainly were too loud during the tech boom. I don’t think missing “role models” are going to stop anyone else from starting a new business.

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Comments on “A Generation Of Lost Entrepreneurs?”

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Steve Snyder says:


Yeah, I the whole idea of entrepreneurs is pretty counter to having “role models” anyway–the type of people who are going to go out on their own with a great idea do it for the money or the fame or to make the world a better place. They don’t create start ups to follow in some one else’s footsteps, their very nature is to be different.
steve snyder

LordSlakyr says:

Experience counts, though

The nice thing about “older role models”, though, is that they communicate their experience – both negative and positive, and help newer innovators avoid making the same mistakes. And that would be the real benefit here — how to avoid all the dumb mistakes that eventually make news on F***company.com.

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