BlockBuster Testing Subscription Plan To Compete With NetFlix

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It seems that BlockBuster really is a bit concerned about NetFlix. They’re now quietly running tests of subscription based plans that let users keep two movies out at a time all month for $20/month. This is one fewer movie than the NetFlix plan. There are also a few other differences between the two. The biggest, of course, is that this one is store based, and not via the internet. The other is that, unlike the NetFlix deal, you have to return all your movies within a month or you’ll face late charges. Part of the appeal of NetFlix is that there are never late charges. BlockBuster says they’re just experimenting, and may try different plans with different prices and features in different locations to see what sort of response they get.

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Comments on “BlockBuster Testing Subscription Plan To Compete With NetFlix”

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Jared says:

Let me see if I get this...

I can pay the same money, get less; have to go to a store. I have late fees and have a Blockbuster membership.
Is this the “hurt-me-more” approach to marketing? I’d rather have them as long as I want and have 3 out for $20, no late fees and have them delivered to me. Yeah, no really. That’s what I want.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: Let me see if I get this...

Sure, you can only have two out at a time, but you can stop on your way to/from work and exchange them for another two at any time, instead of having to wait for your order to arrive.

I’d guess that you can probably see MORE movies with two at a time from Blockbuster than you can with three at a time from Netflix…

Late fees suck, but otherwise people would never bring stuff back… plus, while your at Blockbuster, you can peruse their selection of previously viewed DVDs and build up your home library on the cheap. I haven’t bought a ‘brand new still in the cellophane’ DVD since the first American Pie came out, since then I buy them all off of the previously viewed shelf at Blockbuster.

Joe Schmoe says:


Has Netflix reached profitability yet? The last article I had read about it said that it had yet to achieve this…

Honestly, I think the idea is great. The compelling feature for me is the ability to search, tag, and decide what to watch conveniently online instead of wading thru isles of boxes in meatspace to find out what is in, or where it has even be categorized.

Me wonders if they will take the back road to bolster profits & offer up adult content. Wander over to and you will find that Netflix has also, for whatever reason, registered Netflixxx as well. It’s more likely, though, that this is just one in a swath of related names that they reserved to protect themselves…

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