Mobile Phone Number Directory

With mobile phones becoming more and more popular and many people’s primary point of contact, a directory of mobile phone numbers seems appropriate. The industry has shied away from this to protect users privacy and prevent charges associated with unwanted calls. Now directory assistance providers are coming up with innovative ideas on how to provide a mobile directory without compromising privacy. The proposed systems would look up a mobile number and connect callers without actually giving out the number. In addition, callers would have to announce their names and the receiving party would have the option of rejecting the call. With such a system in place, the US could have a national mobile phone number directory by the end of 2003.

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Comments on “Mobile Phone Number Directory”

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1 Comment
Wilma says:


I would never want my cell phone number published in a directoy. I do not want it to become like the home phone which you cannot answer without getting harrassed by telemarketers.

I only have 200 minutes a month and do not want them eaten away with unwanted phone calls. These minutes are for emergencies, my children who are away from home, my husband and my employer.

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