Losing Interest In Pop Ups?

from the not-enough dept

Earlier this week we wrote about iVillage’s “surprise” plans to ditch pop up ads. News.com now has a broader story looking at a number of sites that have decided to ditch or at least regulate the number of pop up ads they show. What’s scary are the number of quotes from people who clearly have no idea just how much they’re pissing off their users. My favorite is the quote from an advertising exec saying that people can “tolerate” three pop-ups per hour. There’s another quote about how “pop unders” are okay, since they don’t disturb the user. I’m not sure if I just get different pop under ads than these people, but they certainly disturb my surfing experience. I tend to open a number of windows at once, and the most annoying thing is when I’m reading one site, and another site opens a pop under and then (so as to not disturb my surfing experience) suddenly forces me to be looking at the site that opened that ad – which usually isn’t the site I’m reading. Pop unders simply are not good advertising. They make people angry and pissed off. It’s sad to see so many executives so uncreative about business models that they think pissing off their users is good business.

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