Auction Fraud Victims Fighting Back

from the getting-attention dept

It seems that victims of online auction fraud don’t get much attention from law enforcement officials, so they’re starting to fight back on their own. In many cases groups of victims are teaming up to track down the scammers, and to give more reasons to law enforcement officials to go after them. In some cases, individuals are actively tracking down who scammed them. They have one story of a guy who bought a sports jersey which was never delivered. He took a day off from work, drove 10 hours to Canada to wait at a post office (he only knew the seller’s PO Box) and track down the guy who scammed him. In that case, he was successful, and it turned out the guy had been stealing shirts from the sporting goods store he worked in (while not always delivering them to auction winners). It’s one thing to steal something. It’s another thing to steal something and then auction it off – but never deliver it. That takes an extra level of stupidity.

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