Why Won't The Music Industry Just Listen To What Consumers Want?

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Salon takes the music industry to task for not giving music consumers what they want. They compare the “War on MP3s” to the equally disastrous “War on Drugs”, where for all the money spent, plenty of people are still getting what they want – it’s just a little more annoying. In the case of MP3s, the music industry has the perfect opportunity to step up now and offer a fully open music trading platform – with a subscription fee, and it’s likely that many people would sign up. However, they still insist on putting all sorts of restrictions on music services. It amazes me that a whole industry can be so blind.

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Comments on “Why Won't The Music Industry Just Listen To What Consumers Want?”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

The New Twinkie Defense

I can hear it now:

“Your honor, I realize that my hacking of Amazon.com, and the subsequent Denial of Service it caused has denied Amazon the $100 million dollars an hour in sales which they have lost, however I was doing it under the Peer-to-Peer Piracy Prevention Act. Amazon has unlawfully distributed my copyrighted ‘review of a book’ to millions of people online, thereby depriving me of a portion of the money I would have received if I had published it on a magazine or newspaper. Of course, the Department of Justice ok’d the request, I have a copy of the email here, your honor.”

“Oh, and I plan on taking out Microsoft.com, newsweek.com, etc. next week too…”

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