New Software To Deal With Occupational Spam, Might Hurt Feelings

from the sounds-useful dept

There’s a new software product coming out that tries to watch how users click on emails to determine what emails deserve more priority and sort them that way. The user doesn’t have to set up any filters, and the system continues to learn over time. I know that I go through this annoying process every morning of mentally sorting through my inbox to see which emails are worth looking at, which are worth looking at later, and which are worth just deleting outright, so I could see how it would be useful. However, some people are upset by the product, saying that it will be hurtful to employees who find out their emails are prioritized lower than other employees. This seems like a really fine point to nitpick over. While I do think keeping employees happy is important, I don’t think they should be worrying about how some program classifies their emails.

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