Microsoft The Underdog

from the MSN-vs.-AOL dept

Business Week is taking a look at MSN’s chances in catching up with AOL. It’s clear that AOL is having some problems right now, and Microsoft has been steadily improving MSN. Also, MSN is really starting to promote broadband access, which AOL hasn’t had much luck with. It seems the Microsoft strategy of finding a market where a competitor has dominated, and then slowly chipping away, while improving the product (and then using its monopoly desktop position to seal things up), might be working again.

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Comments on “Microsoft The Underdog”

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1 Comment
::CORY:: (user link) says:


The only ads I have seen for AOL Broadband have been via my Time Warner Cable (talk about a monopoly position).

Problem is that Road Runner has been pushed so hard before the merger that it holds a great market share. So odds are that the same Time Warner customer watching the AOL ads (and there is a BUTT load of them) will be surfing with Road Runner already.

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