Getting Into The Virtual Zone

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When someone playing a sport gets into that peak performance area, where everything seems to go perfectly without much difficulty and everything (related to the game) seems extra clear, it’s said they’re in the “zone”. The BBC is looking into whether or not video gamers also experience being “in the zone”. I would imagine that almost any activity can involve being in the zone, so I’m not sure there’s that big a reason to study this. To make matters worse, this study was conducted by giving an athlete and a gamer a questionnaire asking them questions about how they felt while they were performing their activity. That doesn’t seem like the most reliable method of determing if someone is really in the zone or not.

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Comments on “Getting Into The Virtual Zone”

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1 Comment
2Lazy2Register says:

Yep, it exists

My absolute favorite computer simulation (or “game” as my wife calls it) is Sierra’s Grand Prix Legends. The learning curve is immense due to the accuracy of the physics engine, and it requires tons of concentration to race well. There are days when I feel like I’m in the car, and I can drive on the very edge of control. There are other days when I can barely get out of the pits without spinning or hittong another car. So, while I also don’t see the reason to study this, I do believe there is a zone I get into on a really good night.

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