Making Money From IM

from the why-is-it-always-about-making-money dept

Ah, here come the money people. Forbes agrees with all the people who say that instant messaging is something of a revolution for communication in the workplace, but they wonder where money can be made. As per usual, this narrow focused look on “but how do you make money off of it” misses the point. Instant messaging does change how people communicate at work – and certainly can lead to some new an interesting uses of the technology – some of which may involve making money. However, it’s pretty clear that very few people are ever going to pay for instant messaging, so if a company really wants to make money off of it, they shouldn’t look at just instant messaging, but at how free instant messaging can somehow enhance their business. If your employees can communicate better, making them more productive thanks to instant messaging, that’s your instant messaging business model.

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