How You SMS Reveals A Lot About You

from the pseudo-cell-science dept

A new study looks at various aspects of mobile phone usage to determine their personality types. Based on how you type text messages, how loud you set your ringtones, and if you use custom faceplaces and ringtones you could be a creative, juggler, controller or facilitator. What’s even more frightning is the psychologist behind the study suggest that looking at how kids use their mobiles, one maybe able to determine their future career paths.

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Comments on “How You SMS Reveals A Lot About You”

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1 Comment
Sue Vail (user link) says:

Cell phone usage predicts children's future carree

What a crock of psychobabble! Evolving personalities don’t solidify into particular types based on expressive tendencies with a gizmo!

While this may dupe a few in the cell industry, in the field of psychology this reeks of a bored and meaningless contribution to the professional psychological literature.

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