Trouble In The Dancing Arcade Game Business

from the seems-fairly-niche dept

While most of us have seen those annoying “dance” arcade games everywhere (the ones where kids with much better coordination than you jump on different lit up squares to match the instructions – and music – coming from the machine), I’ll bet you didn’t know about the controversy in the business behind selling those games in the US. It seems that it’s difficult to get your hands on one. The main company that sells them wasn’t selling very many (and has since closed up their US operations), so many arcades ended up buying surplus machines from Asia – which the original company says they won’t support. Also, demand for those games in Asia appears to be drying up, even though it still remains strong in the US – which could mean the import supply for the US is going to dry up as well. Though, I don’t see why all those Asian arcades can’t just sell their old machines to the US now, solving the supply problem.

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