Forget The Internet, Get Ready For The Grid

from the the-internet-is-<i>so</i>-last-millennium dept

It seems that a group of British scientists funded by (among others) both Oracle and IBM have started setting up the basics for what they consider to be a next generation internet that will correct many of the faults of the original while making it easier for researchers to collaborate on massive quantities of data for research. Not much in the way of details in the article, so it’s tough to have much of an opinion on it at this point.

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Comments on “Forget The Internet, Get Ready For The Grid”

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LittleW0lf says:

Oracle is behind this? Must be the "Next Generatio

Great…we get a new internet, with overpriced (and inadequate) support and no free licenses, no documentation, and no security fixes or patches unless you pay the huge yearly support content, constantly changing licenses and support agreements, and contractual frauds with states wishing to appease Oracle by sending large portions of their tax money for more licenses than they will ever need…and besides, it is unbreakable because (and only because) Larry Ellison says so.

Sounds good to me. I can see the ads now…

Next Generation Internet

Unbreakable, You Can’t break it!

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