Accenture's Record Everything Device Prototype Shown

from the just-a-bit-creepy dept

Back in December we posted a short thing about Accenture’s Snow Crash-like plan to create a wearable computing device that would act as a second brain and record everything around you using a camera, a microphone, an earpiece, GPS, voice recognition software and more. They’re now showing a prototype which is (not so surprisingly) scaled down quite a bit. It got rid of the camera, and it’s main use seems to be to remember people’s names (all you have to say is “nice to meet you” and it records the name), and interesting tidbits of conversation (using the “that’s interesting” command). The device is always recording, but it will make sure to permanently record a designated amount of time around each of those phrases. The device is large, and noticeable, so it’s not likely to be used to surreptitiously record anything. Instead, it’s more likely to creep people out and make sure they do whatever possible to avoid talking to you. Especially, if you walk around continuously muttering “that’s interesting” and “nice to meet you”.

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