Sad Trader Photos

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Someone at the Washington Post noticed that just about every business page in newspapers after busy trading days tends to show a photograph of a trader expressing some emotion. It’s tough to take photographs of a story about the stock market, so that photograph has become something of a cliche. However, every day, photographers visit trading floors to get the latest “emotion shot” of a happy or sad trader – even if their emotion has nothing to do with the events on the trading floor that day.

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Comments on “Sad Trader Photos”

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1 Comment
lorenzo says:

No Subject Given

when you say “every day, photographers visit trading floors to get the latest “emotion shot” of a happy or sad trader” you re being very optimistic

I never worked on a stock exchange trading floor, but traded currencies in a bank, in a country where currency crisis where the rule and made the news quiet often.

One day a TV troupe came to my bank in 1997 and shot me while trading at my desk on the bank’s tradin floor. I was aired day on day off during the currency turmoil in 97, then I became the preferred footage to comment euro convergence in 1998. Quit my job in 1998 nonetheless state Tv kept using me to comment stock market rally throughout 1998-1999 and the following tech stocks boom. they stopped in 2000 only to get footage back for various purposes like stories about emerging professions or about men women want to marry because of their money (have none myslef)

irony is that today I sell fresh footage to Televisions via the Internet, so they don t have to keep showing old pictures pretending they re news

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