Tech Companies Don't Buy Tech

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A new study has shown that, in general, technology companies spend less on technology than non-tech companies. The article, though, does a good job of explaining why that might be true – and there are plenty of reasons. Many technology companies don’t end up “spending” on technology, because they use their own technology instead. Also, this could obviously be influenced by the state that the technology industry is in today. Most companies are struggling, and that gives them less excess cash to put towards technology spending (even if it’s better for them in the long term).

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Comments on “Tech Companies Don't Buy Tech”

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1 Comment
todd says:

Intel example

Mike, remember when you were an intern at Intel — how fast was your compter?

Mine, in 1997, as a manager was a Pentium 66 Mhz, despite the fact that we were urging everyone to buy a 400 MHz Pentium II. I had bought a Pentium II 266 MHz for home use 3 months before I started at Intel.

We preached “replace every 3 years”, when the standard internally was actually slower.

Oh, by the way, we ran NT 3.5.1, when 4.0 was out for a long time and 2000 was on the way.

Dog food? What dog food?

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