Yahoo Ads To Get More Intrusive

from the as-predicted dept

So, last night I was surprised that Yahoo was ditching ads from casinos, considering their promise to make sure their ads were more intrusive. Today, of course, Yahoo announces they’ve signed deals with a number of technology companies to make sure their latest ads will be as annoying as possible. The worst technology seems to be the one that “expands ad banners when a mouse cursor touches it”. Does Yahoo realize that they’re driving people away? I’ve been slowly finding replacements for just about everything I use Yahoo for, and this is only going to force me to speed up that process.

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Comments on “Yahoo Ads To Get More Intrusive”

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Cory (user link) says:

No Subject and C|Net used to run some Flash type banner ads, that would be open large when the page loaded and then shrink up to normal size. Then you had an option to click on them to expand them again. That wasnt so bad.

Man I still remember back in the day when Yahoo only had the Yahoo logo and that was like the only image on the whole page.

Alex says:

Re: Grandma is that you?

Not that I am a fan of Yahoo!’s new intrusive add strategy, but I understand why people go there. Its the same two reasons there are 10 billion AOL “members” – brand recognition and critical mass.

Can you imagine your grandmother trotting over to to do a Boolean search?

Plus where else can you go to find 2,000 people to spank in hearts at 10pm. Which reminds me, I have to play a card…

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