Undergrad Brain Drain Of Engineers

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Many people in the US are getting worried that we’re not training enough US engineers. First, a lot of students don’t study engineering because they think it’s too nerdy, but even worse is that many students who start studying engineering end up dropping out of programs. I’m not a big fan of forcing people to study what they’re not interested in, or what won’t be useful to them later in life, but it sounds like something might be wrong if so many people who were initially interested get turned off by the current process. Many schools are trying to change the engineering curriculum to include more creative and practical classes early on – rather than the standard theoretical classes.

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Comments on “Undergrad Brain Drain Of Engineers”

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Gray Powell says:


I’m currently in Engineering at NCSU, and I love it. I’m doing EE, and my classes are all pretty interesting.. I had a kickass physics class last semester all done by computers, all hands on labs and such with cool equipment. Tests/quizzes/homework are all on the internet. It’s a great idea, and it does actually help you learn the material especially with something like physics.. It was so fun in fact I ended up making the second highest grade on the exam… 🙂
Java is also part of the engineering major, but it sucks goats!!

Shan says:

show me the money

I’m in computer engineering and I do twice the amount of work as my non-engineering friends. Its harder, more work, and more competitive. But engineering firms aren’t offering us the same bonuses that finance majors from Wharton get, even though a finance major can be learned in 6 months if they taught at the same speed of engineering.

basically–> Dilbert is right. We’re a commodity and get treated like it. Who wants to be that after 4 years of suffering and toil. sure you can love the work, which is fine– but if you’re not content with coding at 5am eating Ho-Hos, why do it when your friend who creates nothing is on vacation in Tahoe?

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